John Bauer took time to pose for the photographer during the third session.   John was kind enough to repeat his role as the St. Croix Agent. 

The agent tracks of all of the cars that have been spotted/off-spotted to industries; as well as, cars that are ready to be picked up by the Local.  The agent is also responsible for filling empty car requests from the various shippers on his territory.  It is very important that the agent and the Yard Master communicate regularly (that is the reason that the desks are only 10 feet apart).

Harold Krewer tried his hand as the St. Croix dispatcher on duty, which includes the First District, Grieff District and the Peoria District.  The dispatcher's office is located in Beardstown on the Illinois Division.  Harold is very good at dispatching trains. He utilized his past experience on other model railroads to keep freight and passenger trains moving.


Chris Vanko covered the Operator's position for this session.  This was his first job on the St. Croix.  Although Chris is a wearing a big smile, I believe the dispatcher kept him pretty busy writing train orders and clearances.

Lloyd Rinehart (St. Croix's 1st/2nd Session DS) and Eric Roman appear to be solving another switching problem at Nowers.  Not sure which guy was running the yard engine, though.  Tom Casper appears to be in his "happy place" (or he was waiting on some kind of decision).

At Kosich Yard, J. N. Ozanich, continued his role as Yard Foremen working the north end of the yard at Beardstown. Jack's experience as a 1:1 locomotive engineer kept the yard fluid (that, and the fact that there wasn't much freight traffic to be switched the first few sessions!). 

The yard crew at Kosich is responsible for switching Beardstown industries.  The yard crew also has to take on the role of engine hostlers and keep track of locomotive serviceability. Currently there are transfers to and from the B&O and the CB&Q railroads at Kosich Yard.  Shortly, the B&O passenger train from Springfield, IL, will be added to the mix.


Andy Sperandeo repeated his role as Yard Master for the third session. As mentioned before, the St.  Croix Yard Master is responsible for yard operations at Nowers and Kosich Yard.  He has to keep track  of cars that are be set out or picked up; and, is also responsible for building the Peoria freight local, the  Galesburg City Job, the B&O/CB&Q transfers, and the handling of interchange with the Santa Fe Ry.  Periodically, the Yard Master is required to "walk" the tracks to update his yard lists.

Paul Schulz appears to be happy that he completed, yet, another train trip without mishap (<VBG>).  Seriously, Paul is a long-time veteran (1995)of St. Croix construction. Paul has assisted in construction of the lower deck; and, the rebuilding of the entire upper deck.

This session was Jim Miller's first time to operate on the St. Croix.  Jim lives in Stevens Point, Wisconsin; but his heart still belongs to the Chicagoland area, where he first noticed trains.

This session was also the first time Eric Mumper operated on the St. Croix.  Eric has visited the railroad several times before operating sessions began in June, 2010.  Probably thought that he would never see the day when the St. Croix ran.

Fiddle Yard Master Kosic appears to have dropped some way bills; or, we caught him praying to the freight car cabinet (hope he didn't hit his head!).  Bob is another veteran of St. Croix construction.  Among his many abilities is turnout construction, building an ABS signal system, installing DCC systems, and too many other items to mention.  He has worked on the St. Croix since 1995.

All photos this page by L. A.  Buell, Copyright 2010.