John Bauer is working the day-shift as the St. Croix Agent.  Although this is his first time working the job, John was able to keep up with the work-load.        

Bob Kosic returned to his Fiddle Yard Master duties for this session.  Eight hours of fiddling trains makes for a long day.

Lloyd Rinehart resumed his role as the St. Croix dispatcher.  The territory includes the First District, Grieff District and the Peoria District.  The dispatcher's office is located in Beardstown on the Illinois Division.  I believe Lloyd when he offers that the Chief (Mr. O'Toole) runs a tight ship.


Frank Grimm, this session's St. Croix Operator, jumped in feet first, copying train orders and issuing clearance cards.

Tom Casper and Craig Wilson found time to chat and relax between assignments.


During this session, Jeff Skolak assumed the yard foreman's job at Nowers Yard.  At Kosich Yard Jack Ozanich, continued his role as Yard Foremen working the north end of the yard at Beardstown.

That's Jim Zack consulting the Time Table.  I wonder what he is smiling about?

Yard Master Harold Krewer slipped in and handled yard operations at Nowers Yard near Galesburg and Kosich Yard near Beardstown during the second session.  He was kept busy working up switch lists for the yard crews in both yards.


That's a northbound stock extra passing Wataga; all of the stock cars are carrying cattle destined for the slaughter houses of Minneapolis.

All photos this page by L. A.  Buell, Copyright 2010.