Chet French is hard at work as the St. Croix Agent.  There are 10 active stations on the layout.  As on the prototype railroads, the agent responsible for prompt delivery of freight to each industry as well as for the way billing of out-bound loads and empties for pick-up by the local or yard engine.       

Lloyd Reinhart takes on the inaugural third-trick Dispatcher's position. This dispatcher is responsible for trains on three operating districts!  However, the railroad was running on 2:1 time; so, Lloyd was able to stop work long enough to pose for this photo.



Jerry Hamsmith and Bob Kosic are sharing the Fiddle Yard Master duties.  The two Fiddle Yards represent the northern and southern ends of the railroad.

St. Croix Operator, Keith Jordan tries his hand copying train orders on the Company (all-cap) typewriter.



Nowers Yard Foreman, Chad Hewitt, switches the South end of the Yard, on the upper level; while Kosich Yard Foreman, Jack Ozanich, works the yard at Beardstown.

Yard Master Andy Sperandeo is charged with yard operations at Nowers Yard near Galesburg and Kosich Yard near Beardstown.  He was kept busy working up switch lists for the yard crews in the two yards.



The engineer of the "Illinois Setout", No. 90 (Jim Singer, right) looks on as the helper locomotive is cut off at St. John station.  Paul Schulz will operate the helper locomotive as an Extra and travel downgrade to Kosich Yard near Beardstown. 

Understand that train crews are unhappy about the long trip running backwards.  Oh, well!

What can you say about this photo!?! It's worth a thousand words.


All photos this page by L. A.  Buell, Copyright 2010.